Woodstock Tie-Dye Bag Purple

$ 29 $ 75

A tie dye canvas summer tote is the perfect bag for everyone in the family. Summer time calls for lots of walking around. Between farmers markets, street fairs, and quick trips to the beach or pool, everyone will need a go to bag this Tie-dye canvas bag with tassels by Debbie Katz is the one to take.

i remember hippies all those years ago
and a place call woodstock where they used to go
spreading words of peace and an end to war
only flower power and be free again once more
they flocked in there thousands to the woodstock ground
singing songs of love spreading love around
but that was years ago now the hippies  have all gone
no one left to spread there peace or carry there love on


Although shibori and batik techniques were used occasionally in Western fashion before the 1960s, modern psychedelic tie-dying did not become a fad until the late 1960s following the example set by rock stars such as Janis Joplin and Joh Sebastian

Size: 18 x 15

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