Debbie Katz Cheyenne Boho Bag
Debbie Katz Cheyenne Leather Bag Location
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The Cheyenne

Emitting an all-round Western elegance.This unique Cheyenne leather tan bag has vintage embroidery.

Based on a Native American medicine bags- Parfleche bags, rawhide and soft tanned leather medicine bags were probably the most popular. The Cheyenne Bag is made of animal hide decorated with beautiful glass bead work in green, red, blue, purples greens, white and yellow. Complemented with an intricate filigree of tassels and detailed with appliquéd motifs stripe embroidery and brandished with  brass element replica coins to create this timeless bag silhouette that transitions effortlessly from day to evening.

Inches: 16 x 12 x 16  Cm: 40 x 30 x 40