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Debbie Katz

Bahia Face Mask with Trim

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Debbie Katz

Bahia Face Mask with Trim

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Soft & comfy jersey ear loops

‚̧Գé We are giving away 10 masks to organizations in need for every 100 masks purchased.¬†

Why we create masks:
At Debbie Katz, we‚Äôve been considering what it means to be a manufacturer in the USA, especially¬†in days of¬†crisis.¬†We need to come together to support each other, even if the solution is not perfect.¬†We've been among the first ones to make masks since Debbie's Mother lives in Italy‚Äď we were kind of alerted¬†a few weeks before pandemic hit America.

How we create masks:
Debbie Katz designs and makes fabric masks in Miami out of beautiful & colorful resort wear tunics from a large cancelled garment order. All masks are hand made in the USA to fulfill the public need and try to ensure we can pay staff salaries, pay rent and support a network of small independent seamstresses in Miami who are making them. We are maintaining strict cleaning procedures and are closed to the public.

Does the mask have a filter pocket?
Yes it does because we feel that sandwiching a filter between the two layers of cotton might increase protection. HEPA filters are said to work best. We've even seen some people inserting paper kitchen towels. You can insert any filter through an opening on the side.   

How to use your fabric mask:
To use your cloth mask properly, please wash after each use in soap and hot water, rinse thoroughly and dry. Please IRON THE MASK- this is the best means of disinfection! 

Please note:
This is a personal use item and cannot be returned. All sales are final. All print masks are unique, featuring a different cut-out from our garments. Due to high turnover of orders, colors of the lining may vary from pictures.

Shipping and handling:
Please allow us 1-3 days for handling your order due to overwhelming response. Courier times vary, but typically 1-5 working days. We will do our best to get your masks to you as quickly as possible. Please check FAQ for shipping times.  

Choosing the right size:

 XS: Children 2 - 14 Years
Youth & Adult, smaller to regular face 
Adult, wider face

What you are buying:
‚ÄĘ A cotton fabric face mask
‚ÄĘ Washable, reusable, breathable
‚ÄĘ 2 separate¬†cotton layers
‚ÄĘ Filter pocket for HEPA filter (filter not included)
‚ÄĘ Cut generously around nose & cheek
‚ÄĘ Ample face coverage¬†
‚ÄĘ Reversible design¬†
‚Äʬ†Soft & comfortable jersey ear loops

Does a fabric mask really protect me?
We feel that we might have been asking the wrong question all along. A fabric mask doesn't protect us like a medical (N95) mask, but even the CDC agrees that wearing one can protect others from us. It helps protect those who are more vulnerable and it helps fighting the spread of Covid-19. If we flatten the curve, each one of us is less likely to contract the virus. We need not to panic but to find solutions that get us out of this. For this reason, New York orders residents to wear masks in public. It may be difficult for people to understand, that they are doing this for others, that even bandannas can have a real and quantifiable effect on morbidity and mortality. Instead of fainting under a ski scarf in Florida, the Debbie Katz team opts for wearing a beautiful face mask that goes well with summer tunics and dresses. We decided to fight this thing in style! 

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