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About Debbie Katz Beach Bag Collection

Debbie Katz was an immediate success from its foundation in 2001. She emerged in the heart of South Beach, surrounded by Miami’s signature art deco architecture and culture. As a result, inspired by the colors of Miami’s unique light, beach and ocean colors, the Debbie Katz signature line was born. Light pareos, breezy kaftans, silk tunics and more beach creations popped in stores everywhere. Miami’s beaches became the runways for Debbie’s gauze pants, skirts, and cover ups. From the start, the beach and leisure taste of Debbie Katz was loved by all beach-goers across the world for its fun and colorful style, making every day feel like vacation.

After years of creating women and children's vividly colored and tie-dyed beach lines from the finest American cotton gauze, Debbie started to travel to Bali, Thailand, and India to translate the ethnic touch of these beautiful cultures into her brand new boho-style line. Debbie transformed her beach line into something more. The new intricate patterns of her beach tunics, cover-ups, and kaftans reflect her cultural journey through Asia’s beauty. The stunningly handcrafted embroideries and beadings on the cottons and silks these countries offer made it possible to add a totally new and authentic indigenous touch to the new Debbie Katz creations.

Now, Debbie incorporated new colorful beach bags, clutches and urban bags into the collection, transforming the image of Debbie Katz to suit more than just vacationers and beach-goers, but city girls as well. Although Debbie Katz's forte from the start was her clothing line, she soon discovered her passion for bags on one of her enlightening excursions through Asia.

While traveling in Indonesia, Thailand, and India, Debbie fell in love with the countries’ traditional handcrafted beaded embroideries and vintage materials, perfect to create her beach and boho bag line. From that moment on, she spent several weeks every year in Asia to draw inspiration from her cultural journeys and create her new bag line. Because every Asian country she visits has its special touch, each and every one of Debbie’s bags are uniquely designed with their own extraordinary characteristics. However, despite the aesthetic differences of these bags, they all share a common manufacturing program. Debbie has always been a strong supporter of workers’ rights and does her part by ensuring the vintage embroidery fabric bag lines are all produced through Fair Trade programs. Fair Trade is a social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainable farming. One of the key factors in Debbie’s partnership with Fair Trade is that the workers producing Debbie’s line are adequately compensated and treated well, conditions often not present when producing goods in Asian countries.

In addition to supporting the Fair Trade movement, Debbie Katz is also an avid supporter of local manufacturing. A large part of Debbie Katz’s clothing line has always been and will continue to be made in the USA.